About Us

The Duluth Women’s soccer league was started in 2005 by a handful of energetic women looking to continue and/or increase their soccer skills but mostly to have some fun.  About a dozen of us met in the spring and decided to start scrimmaging at Chester Bowl.  We called ourselves pirates because we kind of ‘stole’ the fields. Thus the original logo had a pirate theme. The word spread and soon we had enough for two teams.  We then decided that we could start paying for referees and a real field if we all chipped in. That’s when a couple ladies, Kyle and Trish (our founders), decided to help manage everything because it always helps to have a go to person. Soon we found sponsors (Carmody’s and Sir Ben’s!) jerseys, and equipment.

By the next year we had grown from 12 to 200+ and had three seasons. The women who joined the league came from all sorts of backgrounds and ability levels. A few of the ladies were playing or scrimmage on men’s teams, others had played in high school and were looking to get back into the game, and many had never played and were looking for a new experience.

In 2010, we were 600 strong including men who liked our level of play and extended seasons.  Although Kyle and Trish have moved on, we are still going strong with a dedicated board of members.  We are a women created, women run league offering divisions to both competitive and recreational women players as well as a successful co-ed division.