1. Be on time to all games.  Ensure that games start and end on time.  Relay this information to your team.
  2. Be at all games.  If you cannot be at a game, appoint a co-captain who can take on your responsibilities when you are not there.
  3. Communicate with your team members.  Contact your players with schedule information, forward emails from the DRSL Board, any cancellations or schedule changes, etc.
  4. Be welcoming to all players on your team.  Build relationships and keep it inclusive.
  5. Give instructions on how to play each position if needed.
  6. Encourage your players to patronize your team’s sponsorship establishment, or any that sponsor teams on the league.  Their continued sponsorship comes straight from the return they see of players showing up at their business!  This is EXTREMELY important to the league.
  7. Address un-sportsmanship behaviors when they occur to keep it fun and fair.
  8. Provide referee the roster at each game when needed.  If you cannot attend a game, appoint a co-captain who will have this form for the referee.
  9. Keep roster updated if there are changes.
  10. Distribute jerseys and supply the game ball.
  11. Have a breakable ice pack on hand at each game.
  12. ‘Like’ DRSL’s Facebook page and encourage your players to do the same. We will update Facebook quicker with notifications than other forms of communication.
  13. Provide a team picture to before the end of the season.